Ambiendura provides hands-on advice concerning the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

Nancy Isarin, founder Ambiendura unipessoal lda.

It is time to address major challenges such as responsible consumption, the social and environmental responsibility of companies and sustainable resource and waste management. Environmental agreements and legislative frameworks dealing with these issues are in place or are being prepared. Actual implementation of these rules and collaboration between countries and institutions are crucial elements in order to protect human health and the environment. Ambiendura’s job is to help authorities and companies innovate and act to rise to these challenges. In order to promote practical training on environmental inspections, Ambiendura launched the Environmental Enforcement Training Institute (EETI) in March 2014



Implementation, Monitoring and Enforcement

At all levels good compliance with environmental obligations and coherent approach is needed to protect and preserve the human health and environment. Assessing problems in implementation and identifying good practices, will improve the compliance with environmental laws. In this area I provide advise in the development and review of implementation and enforcement strategies.

Capacity Building and Training

Institutions responsible for the implementation and enforcement need staff with strong skills and good know-how. I give targeted training for both classroom teaching as well as practical exercises. Developing various tools to support law enforcement officers, is one of my key activities. In addition to training EU Member States and Candidate Countries, I have provided training for staff in all parts of the globe, such as African and Asian countries. In March 2014 I started the Environmental Enforcement Training Institute. Click here for more information.

Co-operation Facilitation

With globalizing markets, cross-border cooperation is crucial to make environmental laws work. The approach of inter-agency and international collaboration is one that strengthens the effectiveness of monitoring activities. In this field I offer assistance and facilitate transnational activities and joint initiatives; such as joint enforcement actions, inter-agency collaboration, and acting as an intermediary. Also I provide technical and administrative support to regional and international networks.


After having worked for eight years as a deputy inspector of the waste sector in the Netherlands and project manager of European enforcement projects, I have founded my own environmental consultancy Ambiendura in 2006 in Portugal.

Since then I have been involved in a wide range of national, regional and international projects that aimed to improve the implementation of environmental laws. My key target group is the people that actually have to deal with the legislation and perform the checks on the ground. On the other hand, I feel it is of the same importance to give feedback from these experiences to the people who are responsible for the development of environmental policies and regulations. This feedback must be used to support improvements.

My strength is to maintain a practical approach and keep a close eye on the usability of the deliverables, but at the same time be aware of the complex settings under which environmental goals have to be achieved. For more information about my background,  recommendations, experience and projects, please have a look at LinkedIn profile.


AmbienDura unipessoal lda.

Nancy Isarin

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